torsdag den 19. september 2013

TRPA1 and migraine - ME and migraine

I have previously referred to papers about TRPA1 involvement in inflammation, vasodilation, central sensitization and hypothesized that TRPA1 has a role in ME/CFS/POTS/MCS/fibromyalgia and more.

I have mentioned TRP in irritant-induced headache in MCS: Transient Receptor Potential in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

And with this paper: TRPA1 and other TRP channels in migraine I will ad migraine to my list of TRPA1-suspicions in ME.

Many ME/CFS/MCS patients do have migraine. And the article states: "The ability of TRPA1 to sense and to be activated by an unprecedented series of exogenous and endogenous reactive molecules has now been extensively documented. Several of the TRPA1 activators are also known as triggers of migraine attack. Thus, TRP channels, and particularly TRPA1, may be proposed as novel pathways in migraine pathophysiology and as possible new targets for its treatment."


"Emerging information on TRP channels, and particularly TRPA1, which, targeted by migraine triggers, contribute, by activating the trigeminal CGRP-dependent pathway, to the genesis of pain and the accompanying symptoms of the attack, seems to be of paramount importance to solve what still remains the enigma of the migraine mechanism."

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