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MGRN1 and ME

Mahogunin ring finger 1 (MGRN1) is a cytosolic ubiquitin ligase.

MGRN1 expression increases when cells are exposed to a variety of stressors.

Mice lacking MGRN1 have reduced level of many mitochondrial proteins. They have mitochondrial dysfunction and develop neurodegeneration.

MGRN1 is involved in:
  • mitochondrial fusion
  • mitochondrial trafficking via regulation of microtubules
  • regulation af ER-associated protein degradation and ER-mitochondria junctions via interaction with the ligase GP78

Four studies have shown the gene MGRN1 is differentially methylated in PBMC from ME patients compared to controls (6, 7, 8, 9). The DNA methylation pattern is related to quality of life in the ME patients (7) and is related to ME patient subtypes (8).


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