onsdag den 17. december 2014

Raynaud's Syndrome, ME/CFS and TRPA1...?

King's College London has news:

Body's cold 'sensor' could hold key for frostbite and hypothermia treatments

And the article:

TRPA1 is essential for the vascular response to environmental cold exposure:

"A loss of cold-induced reflex recovery, associated with vasodilatation is a marker of peripheral vascular disease or injury, leading to painful conditions such as Raynaud’s disease."

And try to compare this knowledge with this:

Raynaud's Syndrome in Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Is there a connection between endothelial dysfunction and ME/CFS? And is TRPA1 involved?


Endothelial dysfunction in ME/CFS – and cytochrome CYP2C9

TRPA1 involvement in autonomic dysfunction in ME?

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